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Wholesale Socks in Bulk

BulkSocksWholesale occupies a niche internet market, somewhere between Amazon retail and by-the-truckload wholesale. We provide wholesale socks in bulk to the public.

Many of our customers are non-profit organizations, like community outreach centers, school districts, and retirement communities.

Speaking of communities, we support the homeless by donating socks with every order you place. began with an idea and a single product. The product was the sock, and the idea was supporting the less fortunate in America.

For each wholesale socks in bulk order shipped we donate socks to non-profits, homeless shelters and state and local food banks.

Our ankle socks—“snuggies" in the trade—our customers call them slip-ons, and toe-warmers. These socks encase the foot in a soft, absorbent blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. 

Some fashion-conscious folks like to wear their designer shoes without socks, while they sip martinis on their yachts. But sweaty, clammy feet are unpleasant for all, and the truly smart set wear our slip-on ankle sock, no matter the shoe, or the occasion. 

When those same smart folks pick up their racquets, bats, and clubs for a day on the baseball diamond, the tennis court, or the golf links, they choose our crew socks for fit and fashion. 

Knit from the same soft and sturdy yarns as their shorter sister, they come to mid-calf for protection and support. Available in several unisex sizes and colors, you will always be sure you are dressed the part in our wholesale socks in bulk.

Our dress socks are knit from the finest-spun polyester yarns for comfort and support. They extend above the calf, assuring you they will stay up in a heated boardroom debate or pounding the pavement in search of a sale.

They are, of course, dyed a deep rich black, assuring the well-dressed businessman or woman their wholesale socks in bulk will compliment whatever outfit they are paired with. Black matches with everything!

Needless to say, we also offer diabetic wholesale socks in bulk for those having health issues with their feet. A diagnosis of neuropathy means a doctor's prescription for a sock that will protect the foot from blisters, cuts, and cracks which can lead to serious injury.

It is not just wholesale socks in bulk we offer to smart shoppers. We also offer caps, beanies, scarves, and bandanas in a rainbow of colors. Great holiday gifts for friends and family.

Our neck gaiters serve as a mask to protect from Covid, and our cotton and polyester bandanas are both a fashion statement and a head and face covering as well.

By popular demand we also offer clothing in addition to wholesale socks in bulk. Men's and women's hoodies and zip-front jackets come in colors and sizes from S to XL. Order as few as three for yourself, or a dozen for the team at super savings. 

Our guys and gals briefs and panties come in assorted colors and fabrics, for both comfort and savings. For the ladies we have bras in cotton or poly, with assorted colors in sizes from 30A to 40C.

If you are outfitting a team, a company, or just buying wholesale socks in bulk for yourself, you will love the excellent value found at