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Giving Back Socks for Homeless


Our mission statement:

Moving Ahead by Giving Back, means together we can help those who cannot help themselves.


Bulk Socks Wholesale was founded on the premise that a business can only succeed if it gives back to the the community. For us that meant providing socks for homeless.

At Bulk Socks Wholesale many of our most important customers are homeless. They can't buy our socks, so we donate three pairs of socks for homeless for every order placed on our website. Therefore, the more we sell, the more we donate. We also work with nonprofits, shelters, and organizations dedicated to helping the homeless community.

We sell bulk socks wholesale to churches, missions, homeless shelters, and nonprofits, and they give/distribute our socks for homeless to those in need.


Socks for homeless are the #1 most requested item in Homeless Shelters!


When you are out of work, and living in your car, a shelter, or even on the street, fresh socks for homeless are not the first thing that come to mind so poor foot hygiene develops. Because when you cannot afford even the basics of food and shelter, then buying clothing is a luxury. 

Wearing the right socks can go a long way towards foot health but those struggling with homelessness don’t have that option. However, together we can help! 


Donating Socks to the Homeless